Missy and Katie offer full live auction services. We will meet with your group while in the planning stages to assist with marketing and event promotion, item selection and presentation, how to best work the auction into your event, offer supplemental fundraising ideas, and ensure that you feel confident about your event and its potential.
We love to work events together, but we also contract our services on a solo basis when scheduling conflicts exist. Call us today to find out what will be best for your event!

Missy and Katie have experience working with large groups as both a featured speaker and/or emcee. If your group needs a new flair or perspective, contact us about what we can offer either as a duo or as individuals.
We have each hosted trivia night events (we'll write the trivia for you!), emceed conferences, served as panelists, and presented to groups about what it means to start up a business endeavor, provided a motivational platform, and discussed a variety of areas of interest. Katie can address issues of student development and all things higher education and policy; Missy can teach the room how to do backflips and be on camera; we can cover a lot! Contact us today to see if we could be a good fit for your group!