Here are the events Katie and Missy have been honored to raise money for through live auctions or to raise awareness for these groups by speaking at the events or emceeing the day. Testimonials forthcoming!

Auction Events:

Prosperity Party: an event and live auction to benefit the Montana Women's Business Center at Prospera
(Bozeman, MT; September 2016)
Taste of Haven: an event and live auction to benefit HAVEN
(Bozeman, MT; October 2016)
Montana PRO START: an event and live auction to benefit the high school culinary program PRO START
(Bozeman, MT; October 2016)
Festival of the Arts: an event to benefit Bismarck Arts and Galleries Association (BAGA)
(Bismarck, ND; November 2016)

6th Annual Have a Heart Art Auction for REACH, Inc. 
(Bozeman, MT; February 2017)
Bridgercare live drive auction
(Bozeman, MT; February 2017)
Big Sky Education Foundation
(Big Sky, MT; February 2017)
District 35 Gala-Rama
(Bismarck, ND; March 2017)
Grand Slam Bandits Banquet
(Belgrade, MT; March 2017)

Divots and Divas Golf Tournament (Calcutta auction)
(Bozeman, MT; July 2017)
Prosperity Party*
(Bozeman, MT; September 2017)
Bridger Ski Foundation Oktoberfest Ski Ball (emceed and auctioneered)
(Bozeman, MT; October 2017)

Eagle Mount Crystal Ball (emceed, auctioneered, and DJed the event!)
(Bozeman, MT; November 2017)

St. John Vianney School Auction
(Spokane, WA; November 2017)
Glamping Gala for the Gallatin Valley YMCA
(Bozeman, MT; January 2018)

Reach, Inc.'s 7th Annual Have a Heart Art Auction*
(Bozeman, MT; February 2018)
District 35 Gala-Rama*
(Bismarck, ND; March 2018)
Big Sky Education Foundation*
(Big Sky, MT; March 2018)

YMCA Basket Ball
(Bismarck, ND; March 2018)

Belgrade Booster Club
(Bozeman, MT; March 2018)

Dakota Stage 40th Season Reveal and Fundraiser
(Bismarck, ND; April 2018)

Bismarck Cancer Center's Boxers and Beers
(Bismarck, ND; April 2018)

Make-A-Wish® North Dakota World of Wishes Gala
(Bismarck, ND; May 2018)
Eagle Mount's Western Rendezvous
(Bozeman, MT; June 2018)

Region I North American Hemerocallis Society Daylily Auction
(Mandan, ND; July 2018)

Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue 3rd Annual Woofstock
(Bismarck, ND; August 2018)

Prosperity Party*

(Bozeman, MT; September 2018)
Bridger Ski Foundation Oktoberfest*

(Bozeman, MT; September 2018)

Montana  Natural History Center
(Missoula, MT; September 2018)

Benefit for Jodi Glanville

(Lincoln, ND; October 2018)

Bucks for Bras

(Bismarck, ND; October 2018)
Eagle Mount's Crystal Ball*
(Bozeman, MT; October 2018)
Gallatin Valley YMCA Annual Snowball*
(Bozeman, MT; January 2019)
Reach, Inc.'s 8th Annual Have a Heart Art Auction*
(Bozeman, MT; February 2019)

Big Sky Ski Education Foundation*
(Big Sky, MT; March 2019)

Fundraiser for Dee Knodel/Dee's Army
(Mandan, ND; March 2019)
Bismarck-Mandan RPAC and Issues Mobilization 50th Anniversary Event
(Bismarck, ND; March 2019)
Bismarck YMCA Basket Ball*

(Bismarck, ND; March 2019)
Dakota Stage Season Reveal and Fundraiser*
(Bismarck, ND; April 2019)
Bismarck Cancer Center's 4th Annual Boxers and Beers*

(Bismarck, ND; April 2019)

Make-A-Wish® World of Wishes Gala*

(Bismarck, ND; April 2019)

Girl Scouts Death by Chocolate Event

(Bismarck, ND; April 2019)

Inaugural Saints Ball
(Bismarck, ND; May 2019)
The Living Art Light Show (for Living Art of Montana)
(Missoula, MT; May 2019)

Rape Recovery Center's Hope and Healing Gala
(Salt Lake City, UT; May 2019)

Eagle Mount's Western Rendezvous*
(Bozeman, MT; June 2019)
Erickson Merkel Foundation Game of Thrones Trivia Night
(Bismarck, ND; June 2019)
Century 21 Picnic and Live Auction
(Mandan, ND; July 2019)

Prospera's Prosperity Party*
(Bozeman, MT; September 2019)

Ekstrom Family Medical Benefit
(Mandan, ND; September 2019)
Casting for Recovery's Cast One for Hope Annual Event
(Hamilton, MT; September 2019)
Montana Natural History Center Banquet and Auction*
(Missoula, MT; October 2019)
Cancer Support Community Event
(Bozeman, MT; October 2019)
Montana Science Center Fundraiser
(Bozeman, MT; October 2019)

Bismarck Cancer Center's and the American Cancer Society's Bucks for Bras*

(Bismarck, ND; October 2019)
Eagle Mount's Annual Crystal Ball*

(Bozeman, MT; November 2019)
BisMan Power of 100 December meeting*

(Bismarck, ND; December 2019)
Festival of the Arts*
(Bozeman, MT; January 2020)
Gallatin Valley YMCA Annual Snowball*
(Bozeman, MT; January 2020)
Light of Christ Schools/St. Mary's Central High School carnival auctions
(Bismarck, ND; January/February 2020)

REACH Inc. Have a Heart Art Auction*
(Bozeman, MT; February 2020)
Bridger Care Sweet Tooth Ball
(Bozeman, MT; February 2020)
Verge Theater Fundraiser
(Bozeman, MT; February 2020)
​Big Brothers Big Sisters 
(Bozeman, MT; February 2020)
Prospera's Prosperity Party*
(Bozeman, MT/Virtual; September 2020)
Casting for Recovery's Cast One for Hope Annual Event*
(Bozeman, MT/Virtual; September 2020)
Cancer Support Community Event*
(Bozeman, MT/Virtual; September 2020)
(Bozeman, MT/Virtual; October 2020)
Montana Science Center
(Bozeman, MT/Virtual; October 2020)
Black Tie and Blue Jeans Banquet for TR4 Heart and Soul
(Bismarck, ND; November 2020)


Gallatin Valley YMCA's Snowball*

(Bozeman, MT; January 2021)

Reach, Inc Art from the Heart*

(Bozeman, MT; February 2021)
Big Brothers Big Sisters*

(Bozeman, MT; February 2021)

Saints Ball- Light of Christ Schools Fundraiser*

(Bismarck, ND; April 2021)

Big Sky Youth Empowerment

(Bozeman, MT; June 2021)

Sanford Health's Blueway Invitational
​(Bismarck, ND; June 2021)​

Speaking/Emceed Events:
Capitol Shakespeare Trivia Night (authored trivia and emceed trivia game)
(Bismarck, ND; May 2016)
Women's Business Summit: a two-day seminar for the strategic and savvy business woman
(Bismarck, ND; October 2016)

(Bozeman, MT; November 2016)
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network's 8th Annual Purses and Pearls
(Bismarck, ND; December 2016)

Bozeman YMCA (emceed the event)

(Bozeman, MT; February 2017)

Capitol Shakespeare Trivia Night (authored trivia and emceed trivia game)*
(Bismarck, ND; May 2017)
Women's Health Conference (emceed the event and interviewed Glennon Doyle on stage)
(Bismarck, ND; September 2017)
Women's Business Summit*
(Bismarck, ND; October 2017)
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network's 9th Annual Purses and Pearls/Crave a Cure*
(Bismarck, ND; November 2017)
Winter White Party with Purpose for Tracy's Sanctuary House

(Bismarck ND; January 2018)
Farm Women's Forum for Farm Credit Services
(Bismarck, ND; March 2018)
Elevate: An Inspired Woman Magazine Conference
(Medora, ND; September 2018)
United Way's Little Black Dress Celebration
(Bismarck, ND; September 2018)

Gallatin Association of Realtors Charitable Foundation Lip Sync Contest
(Bozeman, MT; October 2018)
Bismarck-Mandan's Board of REALTORS 9th Annual Inaugural and Awards Ceremony
(Bismarck, ND; November 2018)
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network's 10th Annual Purses and Pearls/Crave a Cure*
(Bismarck, ND; December 2018)
Emerson Festival of Arts

(Bozeman, MT; January 2019)
Bismarck's Comic-Con (trivia events)
(Bismarck, ND; May 2019)
Inspired Women's Conference*
(​Bismarck, ND; November 2019)
Crave A Cure event for the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network*
(Bismarck, ND; December 2019)

*Denotes returning/repeat event